TV Town Hall on Health Care Reform

The Independent Producers Organization and will soon produce a television town hall in Portland, Oregon on how to provide comprehensive health care for all Americans. We are currently in the process of interviewing individuals and organizations. Participate as an audience member or let us interview you at your convenience. This blog is intended to involve you in our town hall. Contact us by phone at (503) 292-7794 or email us at

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A coalition of health care advocacy organizations deemed June 7, 2006 a day of national recognition for House Resolution 676, the Universal Health Care Bill. On that day, Jim Lockhart, host of the public affairs Comcast TV series A Growing Concern, interviewed Teresa Keane, a registered nurse, about the merits of the Physicians National Health Care Program which, like H.R. 676, is a not-for-profit, universal health care plan. This program was cablecasted live and will be repeated on other Comcast Cable channels, including channel 11, which reaches almost 400,000 homes.

All over the country events were staged to call attention to H.R. 676. Many thanks to all the folks who made such a success of this recognition day! And many thanks to Jim Lockhart and Teresa Keane for doing such a great job covering the issue on the TV show!