TV Town Hall on Health Care Reform

The Independent Producers Organization and will soon produce a television town hall in Portland, Oregon on how to provide comprehensive health care for all Americans. We are currently in the process of interviewing individuals and organizations. Participate as an audience member or let us interview you at your convenience. This blog is intended to involve you in our town hall. Contact us by phone at (503) 292-7794 or email us at

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Should we have a single payer system? What is being proposed by former Oregon governor Dr. John Kitzhaber? What about a system like what has just been modeled in Massachusetts? What is H.R 676? What is Oregon's Measure 40? What about a system like Canada's or Germany's or Denmark's? We will examine all of these possibilities and more. Caredemocracy believes that cradle to grave health care is a basic human right. This must include dental care and mental health care. We must provide care for drug addiction and alcoholism. Please help us to make this an inclusive presentation that involves your meaningful personal experiences and vision.


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