TV Town Hall on Health Care Reform

The Independent Producers Organization and will soon produce a television town hall in Portland, Oregon on how to provide comprehensive health care for all Americans. We are currently in the process of interviewing individuals and organizations. Participate as an audience member or let us interview you at your convenience. This blog is intended to involve you in our town hall. Contact us by phone at (503) 292-7794 or email us at

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The CareDemocracy television townhall will be held on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at Portland Community Media Community Television, 2766 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Be a part of our audience and express yourself. Please arrive at the studio at 6:30 pm. Refreshments will be served. This will be televised on Comcast Cable TV Channels 11, 22 and 23. The show starts at 7 PM. There will be a live studio audience to interact with our panel. The CareDemocracy townhall will be hosted and produced by the Independent Producers Organization. Participants will include members of Healthcare-Now!, Oregon Action, The Green Party, Physicians for Social Responsibility, United Seniors of Oregons, healthcare consumers and professionals, legislators and educators. Call 503 292-7794 for more information.

H.R. 676, is the bill proposed by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. It would make single-payer universal healthcare insurance available to all Americans.

Monday, July 31, 2006

We recently spoke with Marilyn Clement of Healthcare-Now. Their website is The topic of discussion was H.R. 676 - the National Healthcare Insurance Act. For more information visit

Dennis Kucinch discusses USA Healthcare reform. Single payer universal healthcare. Cradle to grave care including dental and mental health care.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Read the People's Weekly World article about health care. HR 676: ‘Everybody in, nobody out!’ Click Here

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Should we have a single payer system? What is being proposed by former Oregon governor Dr. John Kitzhaber? What about a system like what has just been modeled in Massachusetts? What is H.R 676? What is Oregon's Measure 40? What about a system like Canada's or Germany's or Denmark's? We will examine all of these possibilities and more. Caredemocracy believes that cradle to grave health care is a basic human right. This must include dental care and mental health care. We must provide care for drug addiction and alcoholism. Please help us to make this an inclusive presentation that involves your meaningful personal experiences and vision.

The Independent Producers Organization and will co-produce a television town hall which will be taped in Portland, Oregon. The show will involve a live studio audience and recorded segments representing the views of professional care givers, advocates, health care consumers, political leaders and educators. The purpose of the town hall will be to discuss ideas and strategies on how to create a national and state health care delivery system that works for everyone. In preparation for this program we have already cablecasted many television programs interviewing public and private sector individuals and representatives of organizations lobbying for health care reform. To participate in this town hall and make your voice heard please call us at (503) 292-7794 or email us at

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A coalition of health care advocacy organizations deemed June 7, 2006 a day of national recognition for House Resolution 676, the Universal Health Care Bill. On that day, Jim Lockhart, host of the public affairs Comcast TV series A Growing Concern, interviewed Teresa Keane, a registered nurse, about the merits of the Physicians National Health Care Program which, like H.R. 676, is a not-for-profit, universal health care plan. This program was cablecasted live and will be repeated on other Comcast Cable channels, including channel 11, which reaches almost 400,000 homes.

All over the country events were staged to call attention to H.R. 676. Many thanks to all the folks who made such a success of this recognition day! And many thanks to Jim Lockhart and Teresa Keane for doing such a great job covering the issue on the TV show!